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Once upoun a time, in home town there lived little girl, Dimond. her mother is doctor, her father is policeman. every day her parents wa went to their office.

every day Dimond was alone. then she get out from her home. she walked around the place. and she looked a yummy pizza. she want to eat the pizza. because she like pizza.

“sir can i by 5 pizza?”
“yes you can, but hte money not inaf” say the pizza man.
“but i not bring many money, i not have many money. i want to wait my mother and my father go home”
“why you waiting your parents? why you don’t take in your home ha?
“because my money in my parents” say Dimond.

Dimond’s parents car come infront of the pizza store.

“there is Dimond!” say her parents
“Dimond why ou in here? are you want to buy pizza?”
“yes” say Dimond
“here the money”

and Dimond can eat pizza all day


by Prilya, 31januari2008 15:45

ga usah nyerengit ya bacanya… ini cerita ditulis sama anak perempuan umur 8 th 🙂 waktu seumuran dia, gue cuma bisa bikin cerita pake bahasa ibu -bukan b.indonesia yang baik n benar- anak sekarang emang pada pinter-pinter, moga-moga kalo punya anak nanti, udah pada jenius-jenius ^_^

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